Software testing is a process where a program or an application is executed with an intention to find the software bugs if any exists. It involves validation and verification of a software program so that it works in the best possible way and meets the requirements for what it is designed.

There are a few testing companies that take up this task. This is the best software testing company which follows the essential steps:

  1. Testing the basic function: This is to ensure that every button on your screen works. The software should not crash as you enter any text into each field and this will prove your software to be valid.
  2. Review the code: After checking the basic functions of the software then proceed to the code review. Get it done by your friends. It can discover a lot of problems in your software.
  3. Use static code analysis: There are plenty of tools to perform analysis of static codes without executing the code. This indicates if any concurrency or security vulnerability exists. The advantage of using these tools is to enforce the exact coding standards. Use all these tools to run on its own without any command as part of the software build.
  4. Write unit tests: Developers need to write unit tests to ensure that the unit is working alright. These should run every time the code is changed.
  5. Performance test: Single user performance testing and continuous integration process are necessary as soon as the code is checked.

To get your software tested run as many tests as possible before handing over the code to someone else. Producing working software required adequate designing, reviewing, and testing it before releasing it into hands of others.